SDEPS Encourages Students to Consider Being an Electrician

Countless benefits and advantages await those in the electrician profession. This was the message of The San Diego Electrical Professionals Society (SDEPS) as they pursued their campaign encouraging high school students to consider pursuing a career in the electrical field. Builders and Contractors    

SDEPS President John Lucas says there is room for immense career growth in their field, and students should explore this option. “After they have completed their high school education, they can already apply for interviews to take an apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program combines on the job training and classroom-based learning.” Lucas explained. Big List of Electrician Services    

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there is a steady demand for electricians. According to Lucas, this means unemployment will not be an issue in this type of profession. According to the BLS, “Employment of electricians is projected to grow nine percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Increases in construction spending and growing demand for alternative energy sources will drive demand for electricians. Alternative power generation, such as solar and wind, is an emerging field that should require more electricians for installation. Increasingly, electricians will be needed to link these alternative power sources to homes and power grids over the coming decade.” The rest of the report can be found in the BLS official website here

The San Diego Electrical Professionals Society are enjoining students to join their ranks. They say, being an electrician can be a very rewarding career. (Photo Credits
The Nexstar Legacy Foundation, which provides financial aid for those wanting to pursue trades skills professions, says pursuing a career as an electrician is a sensible path to take. “A huge benefit to becoming an electrician is that you won’t accumulate an unimaginable amount of student debt to earn a great living. In fact, as an apprentice electrician, you’ll be able to earn while you learn your trade. That means that while others are attending college with no guarantee of a job after they graduate, you’ll be earning a decent wage and your electrical training at the same time.” The rest of their explanation can be found here

The SDEPS says once a person becomes a licensed electrician, he can pursue more avenues for career growth. These include (1) working for an electrical contractor; (2) go into business and become the contractor himself; (3) become a project manager for new home constructions or renovation projects; (4) work for the government by being a state electrical inspector; or (5) pursue a teaching career.
There indeed is a lot of room to grow when one decides to pursue a career as an electrician.